Is it too good to be true.

Is it too good to be true.

Is it too good to be true.

Is it too good to be true.

There have been times where we all have had this thought. Is it too good to be true? You see a fantastic deal, great service, no catches. Everything is perfect and nothing could possibly go wrong. You are right to think the worst and want to check out the company. We advice you to do the same as in most cases it is too good to be true.

Unless it is us,

What we offer:

We do offer cheap prices; we will put them at the lowest price possible to help you save money. We don’t want to bleed you dry, we want to help you save your hard earned cash!

The Best service:

It’s all about you; we will talk to you over the phone and advice the best possible alarm for you. We will take the extra bit of time to find out all the information and help you feel confident in the alarm that you are going for as well as answer any of the questions you may have.

Our Friendly engineers will work with you on the installation, advising the best position of all the devices as well as teach you all you need to know on the Alarm and devices.


We will not tie you into any contracts, Buying an alarm is expensive enough; we do not want you to have to pay extra just to use it. We offer all types of alarms for all property types and for all purposes. It’s not about going for the most expensive alarm it’s about the right alarm.

Call Outs:

We do offer a yearly service with a minimal cost of £75.00. This will include full servicing of your alarm and devices and a battery change should it need it. But this is entirely up to you.

This is something we recommend but it isn’t something we will pressure you into to, should you choose not to be serviced by us we will not stop you using your alarm.

If this does sound too good to be true, we urge you to look at our reviews page on the Review centre and Trustpilot and see what people are saying about us and do your own research. We know we cannot be beaten on price and service. And if you do find cheaper it is probably a man with a van job.

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Phone : 0800 193 8727
020 3137 8727
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