Why choose Yale 6400 Premium Telecommunicating Alarm

Why choose Yale 6400 Premium Telecommunicating Alarm

Why choose Yale 6400 Premium Telecommunicating Alarm

Why choose Yale 6400 Premium Telecommunicating Alarm

When looking to choose a wireless alarm, the choices available in the market are vast and at times confusing. The price ranges vary at times from a few hundred pounds upwards to few thousand pounds, not to mention the different security terms and descriptions used to explain the alarm systems. To make matters worse, some installation companies won’t even mention the make and model of alarm system they are installing.

The basic purpose of a security system is to act as a visible deterrent to burglars. So, a house with one or two alarm bell box outside looks less attractive to the burglar as opposed to a house with no visible signs of security systems.

The second functional aspect to consider with an alarm system is, whether you can use this alarm when you go to bed. What it means is whether the alarm is zone controllable/ allows partitioning of alarm to operate it in stay and away modes. In simple terms, you can turn the alarm on in ‘stay’ mode, it allows you to go to bed, get up and go to the toilet without setting the alarm off, however if someone tries to break in, the alarm goes off. And when you set the alarm on in ‘away’ mode, the alarm is completely on, or all zones of the alarm are working.

Third aspect would be whether you want an alarm to be monitored. Now this is a service a lot of security companies charge monthly fees and involves lengthy contracts. The way this works is, if there is a burglary attempt and the alarm goes off, you will be alerted on your phone. Third party monitoring solutions involve a manned solution – alarm alerts the monitoring station and the monitoring station calls you to tell you the alarm is gone off. Now, the new generation wireless alarm eliminates the need to have third party monitoring and paying monthly fees. The wireless alarm connected to your landline phone can call you directly if there is a break in. No monthly fees or a contract, all it costs you is a landline call to mobile phone.

Considering all these aspects, if you are after an alarm that is within budget, have all the typical features of a monitored or a very expensive alarm system, your solution is a Yale HSA 6400 Premium Telecommunicating intruder alarm system. This system comes with 2 external boxes (1 dummy box and 1 live siren), it is zone controllable and it is telecommunicating, not to mention, all this for less than £400. You can upgrade this alarm to be a pet friendly one; you can add smoke sensors, remote control key fobs, additional pet and standard Yale PIRs and door contacts, a total of 20 accessories. So this alarm is suitable for almost all homes. It’s easy to use and does the same job as most of the much more expensive burglar alarms that are available.

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