Yale 6300 Pet friendly Protection | Fitted Home Alarms UK

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Pets and burglar alarm systems are crucial for protecting both domestic and commercial properties from intruders, proving effective as both an alert and a deterrent to break-ins. Pet Friendly Yale 6300 is a control panel operated system ideal for a flat, terraced, or semi-detached and detached home. Our home security …

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Yale Easy Touch Screen Alarm | Fitted Home Alarms UK


Product Details The Easy Fit Telecommunicating Alarm will ring you when triggered – for the ultimate peace of mind. The touch screen panel performs all the functions of the standard control panel with the additional feature of alerting you by telephone should the alarm be activated The system can store …

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Yale 6300 Family Alarm | Fitted Home Alarms UK

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Yale home alarms provide a reliable way to bring added security to yourself and your property. The Yale Pet Friendly Family Alarm HSA6300 is a fully functional control panel system ideal for a family home. The system features a digital display and can be tailored to individual requirements. The length …

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The new evolution in home alarms from Yale | Fitted Home Alarms UK

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Security specialist Yale takes home security automation to the next level with its SmartHome Alarm. Yale SmartHome Alarm combines the latest mobile technology with the convenience of Yale’s wirefree connectivity, with the option of monitoring and service packages.Intended for professional installation, Yale’s SmartHome Alarm gives you new ways to protect …

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Yale Premium Telecommunicating Alarm | Fitted Home Alarms UK

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The Yale Premium Alarm HSA 6400 is a feature packed wireless alarm system with fitted 3 number telephone dialler included inside the control panel. Product Features Top of the range house alarm that will ring you when triggered for the ultimatepeace of mind The telecommunicating panel can store up to …

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Smart Phone App for Security Alarm Systems | Fitted Home Alarms UK

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Wireless home alarm systems are nothing more than sensors through which everything going on around and in a house can be detected. However, the most ideal monitoring system is when it is accessible at all times, and that is why the integration of smart phones that can be accessed anywhere, …

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Keep your intruder alarm properly serviced | Fitted Home Alarms UK

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It’s vital to keep your security system in good working order to reduce false alarms and to ensure that the alarm will be raised in the event of a break-in. The maintenance check includes: Testing of the control panel for communications to the monitoring centre, sirens, tampers and strobe lights …

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GSM Compact Transmitter | Fitted Home Alarms UK

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The GSM Compact is a low cost, entry level GSM alarm transmitter. Simple to program and install, the device is suitable for any wireless signalling application. The main function of the GSM Compact can have many uses. GSM Secure offer a range of products to suit every need for using …

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SECURITY – Develop & Trial New Visonic Alarming System | Fitted Home Alarms UK

Visonic is an international developer and manufacturer of high-quality electronic security systems and components. We are delighted to working closely with Visonic helping to enhance people’s way of life by increasing their sense of security. Visonic Alarms are easy-to-use and innovative Home Security Systems with Emergency Response systems through our …

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Someone is watching you | Fitted Home Alarms UK


Every human always have a slight pang of anxiety while leaving his or her office or home in terms of security. In today’s world when technological progress has boosted crime, it has also encouraged to the growth of good and advanced surveillance systems like CCTV cameras and security systems. CCTV …

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