Compact Wireless GSM Alarm | Fitted Home Alarms UK

Compact Wireless GSM Alarm BLOG

GSM Secure offer a range of products to suit every need for using the GSM networks for control & monitoring. Suggested uses: Alarm upgrades Remote monitoring Generator alerting & control Process monitoring (failure & complete) Basic control Flood warning GSM Voice & Text Dialer applications include: Alarm system monitoring and …

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Compact Wireless GSM Pet friendly Alarm | Fitted Home Alarms UK

CommPact Wireless GSM Pet Friendly Alarm blog

The Commpact intrusion system is named for its streamlined, space-saving design, while offering a professional,highly reliable system at a competitive price. Commpact supports a wide range of security and safety accessories including elderly care and detectors against smoke,flood and poisonous gases.The simple and quick wireless installation and remote programming of …

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Infinite Prime Alarm with GSM Link | Fitted Home Alarms UK

Infinite Prime  GSM blog

Infinite Prime, offers a complete and modular solution, combining security, safety, connectivity and control, with advanced remote management using PSTN and GSM communications. The solution incorporates diagnostic and maintenance tools for providers and is designed for simple and reliable installation. With the GSM dialler fitted neatly within the holders in …

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Stay Safe with Infinite Prime Alarms | Fitted Home Alarms UK

Infinite Prime BLOG

Alarm systems are all about detecting the presence of people, particularly intruders. Prime, however, also has the ability to use standard motion detectors to detect absence of movement, making it ideal for added protection of vulnerable people or loneworkers. When no motion is detected within a pre-set time an alert …

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Visonic Powermax Pro GSM Alarm | Fitted Home Alarms UK

Visonic Powermax Pro GSM blog

The Powermax Pro is the top of the range system suitable for DIY installation. It has all the features of the Powermax Plus with the advantages of an internal transformer, the facility to connect an internal GSM Module and the Powerlink module. The Powerlink Module can be used to monitor …

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Visonic PowerMaxPro Alarm | Fitted Home Alarms UK

Visonic PowerMaxPro BLOG

PowerMaxPro is an all-in-one wireless home security system that brings an entirely new level of versatility,connectivity and style to the world of home security. It lets homeowners view and control their homes from anywhere via any web browser or mobile phone, delivering ease of use and reliability, in an elegant, …

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Visonic PowerMaster-10 Wireless Alarm | Fitted Home Alarms UK

Visonic Powermaster 10 blog

PowerMaster-10 G2 introduces a new era in intrusion alarm systems, literally redefining wireless home security and reliability. It is Visonic’s first wireless intrusion alarm system whose control panel uses the revolutionary PowerG wireless technology. PowerMaster-10 G2 Features : Two-way communication ensures there are no lost alarms. Transmission range is far …

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Visonic PowerMax Express Wireless Alarm | Fitted Home Alarms UK

PowerMax Express is a wireless home security solution that includes all the reliability and features that homeowners and professional installers require. PowerMaxExpress is compliant with most international standards and offers maximum reliability,performance and a two-way communication system with a diversity antenna to facilitate highly-reliable radio transmissions. PowerMaxExpress Features: All-in-one, self-contained …

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Visonic PowerMaster-30 Wireless GSM Alarm | Fitted Home Alarms UK

Visonic PowerMaster-30 GSM blog

PowerMaster-30 G2 is a professional wireless security, safety and control system.Suitable for advanced applications and heavy duty operation, it has a superior range, prolonged battery life and unmatched wireless robustness.Moreover, it provides outstanding wireless functionality with all peripherals. PowerMaster-30 G2 fully answers the most demanding requirements facing the security industry …

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Visonic Powermax Complete Alarm | Fitted Home Alarms UK

Visonic Powermax Complete Alarm blog

Visonic provides a wide range of wireless security intruder systems; within their board range is the Power Max +, Power Max Complete, Power Max Pro and Power Max Express. Visonic Power Max series of accessories include remote wireless Key fobs, Pet PIRs, Door and Window contacts, Shock Sensors, Smoke Detectors, …

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