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Visonic Powermaster 30 Wireless Security Alarm

Visonic Powermaster 30 Wireless Security Alarm

The Power Master has the great reliability as the “complete system, but it communicates between each device differently.Only Visonic will work with the complete range and the power master with the power master range and has to be installed correctly and independent to your alarm.

The Power Master 30 Wire free burglar alarm can accommodate:

  • 1 Door contact
  • 4 Motion sensors
  • 1 External wireless siren with strobe light & optional flashing led to act as a visual and audible deterrent
  • 1 Decoy unit
  • Power master 10 control panel which has a numerical keypad, back up battery in case of power cuts
  • 2 Easy to use keyfobs
  • Built in auto dialler which can call up to 4 private telephone numbers of your choice if the alarm is triggered -(connected from the control panel into your phone line)

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