Yale Certified Office Safes | Fitted Home Alarms UK

Yale Certified Office Safes BLOG

    The new Yale Certified Office Safe collection, is designed to be even stronger, more reliable, easier to use and harder to cack.Designed to be strong and good looking, the Yale Certified Office Safe is perfect for keeping passports, birth certificates, deeds, cash, keys and other valuables secure. Key …

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2 Camera CCTV System Fully Fitted | Fitted Home Alarms UK

2 Camera CCTV System blog

This wireless 2-Camera System with DVR is an excellent all-round package. The mini cameras transmit audio and video wirelessly up to 50m in a clear line of site in full colour (daytime) and have a 10 – 12 meter black and white night vision range. The cameras can be used …

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Peace of mind in a box : Yale Certified Home Safes | Fitted Home Alarms UK

Yale Certified Home Safes Blog

The Yale Safes range is designed to provide the truest form of security so that life can be enjoyed without worrying.Combining the latest technologies and experience to produce the safes that meet the most demanding requirements.The safes range consists of affordable value safes as well as higher security safes including …

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4 Camera CCTV System Fully Fitted | Fitted Home Alarms UK

4 Camera CCTV Blog

CCTV is an important and useful part of an effective security system and many homeowners will want to continue taking advantage of them. Home CCTV features Storing CCTV images Most home systems use a PC hard drive or standalone digital video recorder (DVR). The main advantage of PC-connected systems is …

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Best Home Safe for both Fire and Security | Fitted Home Alarms UK

XLarge Safe Blog

Choosing a safe that offers you high security for home use plus fire resistance for your vital documents or digital records is more difficult. Specifications: •Up to 1 hour fire protection for documents •Digital lock with touchpad interface •Epoxy sealed shell of galvanised steel gives double rust protection •High security …

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Best Home Safe for Fire Resistance | Fitted Home Alarms UK

large fire Safe blog

  There are plenty of fire resistant home safes on the market, but very few that are fully tested to not only protect your paper documents and digital media from fire, but also are fully tested to protect your valuables from water too. Large Fire safe is a fire resistant …

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Find the right home safe for you | Fitted Home Alarms Uk

medium fire safe blog

Medium Fire Safes are tested to withstand intense heat and humidity. These fire safes contain an additional “safe within a safe” insulation layer to resist most fire hazards Product Features • Up to 60 minutes fire resistant. • Fitted with Electronic lockWeight 26 kgs • Offers 1 hour fire protection. …

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Fitted Pet Friendly Alarms | Fitted Home Alarms UK

Pet friendly alarms blog

Let your pets relax at home .Pets are no alternate for alarms systems, In fact owners may risk their pets being injured during a burgle when they care them as such. All most all the pet owners shy away from alarms systems since they think they will go through constant …

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Self MonitoredAlarms – What are my options? | Fitted Home Alarms UK

Self Monitored blog

Alarm systems changed with technology and features over the years. Burglar Alarms advanced from rigid fully hard wired systems to wireless systems with more advanced connectivity, advanced security features like anti jamming, tamper warnings and frequency hopping to protect your home and valuable possessions. One of the most noticeable features …

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Fitted smartphone alarm | Fitted Home Alarms UK

smartphone blog

Its now very easy to manage your belongings using the smartphone security.you can move free any where with out any tensions.Home security at your own finger tips.Fitted Home Alarms in this scene providing you the finest solution in the form of technically advanced and the best smart phone security. Yale …

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