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Visonic Powermax Wireless Alarms

Visonic Powermax Wireless Alarms

The Visonic powermax range of wireless alarm systems are based around three Wireless Control Panels briefly described below.

All the equipment operates on the dedicated 868MHz frequency, and all Visonic wireless devices (detectors, fobs etc.) operating on the same frequency are compatible with each system except where stated. For example, the wireless internal siren can only be used with the Pro and Complete versions.

Powermax Plus – This is the original Powermax System, having 28 wireless zones and 2 hard-wired zones. The system can support up to 2 wireless sounders. A hard-wired sounder can also be connected. The control panel has an integral speech dialler, and separate GSM module can be added if required.

Powermax Complete – This is a re-designed version of the Powermax Plus panel. It has an internal power supply, is compatible with the MCS720 internal wireless sounder, and can be fitted with an internal GSM module.

Powermax Pro -This is yet another re-design, again it has an internal power supply, can be fitted with an internal GSM module, and has a Proximity reader in the control panel.

Powermax Express – This is an ultra-compact version with 28 wireless zones and 1 hard-wired zone. It is supplied with a pre-installed GSM module and SIM Card.

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