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Visonic Powermax Pro GSM Alarm blogThe Power Max Pro Kit is the standard for wireless alarm systems. Beautifully designed and technologically sound, this high performance alarm system puts you in complete control of your home or business with advanced features and a very user-friendly, no hassle set-up. With a built-in GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) module, you no longer need to worry about cut phone lines or power outages. The GSM is your new back-up plan against the smarter than the average bear burglar.


-High-end, modular design
-Self contained; no need for external boxes
-Includes internal GSM communicator
-Partition-ready controls up to 3 partitions (optional)
-Elder care application
-Up to 72 hours battery backup
-Internal or external power supply
-28 wireless zones
-Supports 8 users code

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