Security tips for Personal Theft Safety

Security tips for Personal Theft Safety

• Walk with your head up, make eye contact with others, have confidence and move at a steady pace.

• Stay in well-lit, heavily traveled areas. Avoid alleys, dark parking lots or secluded areas.

• If you wear headphones while walking, keep the volume low so you can hear other noises.

• Avoid texting and walking as your attention is not on where you are going or who is coming toward you.

• Don’t walk alone at night. Walk in groups as there is always safety in numbers.

• If you are going to a particular destination, let someone know you are on your way and approximately what time you will arrive.

• If you are carrying a wallet, keep it in your purse or bag and carry it close to your body. Do not leave personal items unattended at any time.

• Vary your route. Take a different path so you don’t become predictable.

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