Fitted Home Alarms- Security and Beyond; Introducing Yale Smart Home Alarms

Looking back at the history of mankind, one can’t help but wonder where we might be today had it been not for the constant vigil of our ancestors for the dangers of the night! Back in the day, night to be precise, it was a tedious job to keep watch of wild animals and fellow humans who would destroy property and endanger human lives. Fast forward to modern times, science and technology has made life easy for the modern man. Alarms have emerged as a necessary and effective home security measure, acting as a successful deterrent. Installing a home alarm system is one of the best ways to enhance the security levels of your property. Research literature shows that security alarms in residential areas correlates with decreased theft.

Bruce Schneier in his book “Carry On: Sound Advice from Schneier on Security” carefully explains how security is a tradeoff, a balancing act between those who misuse it, the defectors, and those who are prudential about it, the defenders. Technology makes this balance a dynamic affair and changes in technology affect both sides. What’s interesting, in his observation, is the difference in pace between how the two groups incorporate new technologies.

As military strategist Carl von Clausewitz puts it, the defenders are in “the position of the interior.” They have to defend against every possible attack, while the defector only has to find one flaw that allows a way through the defenses. As systems get more complicated due to technology, more attacks become possible.

However, Schneier assures the reader that there are exceptions to this peril. ‘There are technologies that immediately benefit the defender and are of no use at all to the defector…the same thing happened with immobilizing technology for cars, alarm systems for houses, and computer authentication technologies.’ We could not agree more!  

Fitted Home Alarms is established on this understanding that we can offer our customers a wide array of infallible products and services. Fitted Home Alarms ensures that the safety and security of your house and business will not be compromised. Installing Security Alarm systems used to cost a fortune few years ago but technological advances has made surveillance and security systems more affordable for the masses. We offer professional consultation on Home Security so that you don’t have to start from scratch. Home Alarm systems available at Fitted Home Alarms include products from leading brands such as Yale, Visonic, Risco, CommPact, Pyronix, and Infinite Prime. It is with good faith that we introduce to you Yale Smart Home Alarm to protect your family and property.

Equipped with a beautiful touch-screen control panel, and user-friendly voice assist to help you guide as you use the system, Yale Smart Home Alarm is the future of alarm systems and takes home security to the next level. It combines all this new technology with the convenience of Yale’s innovative wirefree connectivity, and the reassurance of professional installation in one future-proof package. This Wireless technology makes installing, extending and even expanding your home security as simple as possible.

Since the whole system is wireless, you are spared the embarrassing creepy wires on your walls. Yale Smart Home Alarm not only makes your home smart but also maintains the beauty of your decor. Another interesting feature is that only the main control panel requires mains power. Adding new sensors and modules is as easy as putting up a smoke alarm. It also boasts an innovative Lone occupant mode – ideal for people who live alone.

Yale Smart Home Alarm comes complete with professional installation by Fitted Home Alarms. We, at Fitted Home Alarms, maintain the same vigil of our security systems in catering to the demands of our customers. Our engineers will establish a line of connection within 2 hours of placing an order. Our professionals will complete the Home Security Survey and complete the installation of Alarm systems in the next few days according to your convenience. Once installed, the systems are ready to be used within 2 hours!

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