CCTV Applications

fitter-1 Make sure you are in a safe environment by using Fitted Home Alarm’s CCTV. Place CCTVs in the following areas, • Leisure and Recreation Sites • Holiday/Caravan Parks • Vehicle Monitoring • Car Parks • Gaming and Vending Machines • Reception Areas and Bars • Cash Rooms • Retail …

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Connecting Your Yale Smart Living System

fitter6 The Yale Smart Home Alarm Kit allows you to arm and disarm your system via your Smartphone. In addition to the Starter Kit includes an additional PIR Motion Detector a Door/Window Contact and External Siren. This system is expandable allowing you to add additional smart accessories. The Yale Smart …

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With our home alarms and CCTV systems:

fitter5 • No hidden charges. • No contract traps. • No monthly fees. • Our alarms are fitted by manufacturer trained specialist engineers. • We do not employ any sales professionals or use any high pressure sales tactics. • We strive in providing excellent and sound advice on security requirements. …

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Alarm Servicing & Repairs

fitter4 Phone: 0800 193 8727 , 020 3137 8727 Ensure your premises stay safe and secure with regular security alarm testing and maintenance. We offer alarm servicing and repairs on a wide range of products. Contact us today for more information: Fitted Home Alarms Ltd 1 Twyford Place, Lincolns Inn …

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CCTV Benefits

fitter-3 Phone: 0800 193 8727 , 020 3137 8727 Use Fitted Home Alarm’s CCTV security system and Get the following benefits Increased deterrent – CCTV systems are a great deterrent to potential thieves. Safer working environment – CCTV helps to ensure adherence to health and safety policies and can be …

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Safes: Fire Safes

fitter2 Phone: 0800 193 8727 , 020 3137 8727 Protect your company’s valuable files and petty cash fund or keep your deeds and insurance documents at home and out of sight with a safe from Office Depot. With our selection of safe boxes, you can protect your most important …

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Security for the modern world

FITTER If you’re thinking of protecting your home first time or upgrading your existing home alarm system, you might be feeling daunted by number of alarm devices and monitoring services available. One of the main benefits of alarm is peace of mind. It’s impossible to eliminate all chances of burglary, …

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Top Ten tips for securing your home | Fitted Home Alarms UK

Top Ten tips for securing your home blog

Don’t leave your keys or ID documents within easy reach of doors, letterboxes or windows. Close and lock all doors and windows. If you have multi-locking door handles, lift the handle, lock it with the key and remove it – LIFT – LOCK – REMOVE. Put the key in a …

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Burglar alarms and home security | Fitted Home Alarms UK

Burglar alarms blog

Wireless burglar alarm Alarms can be either wired or wireless. Wireless alarms look nicer, are generally easier to install and can be removed more easily if you move house. They use battery-powered sensors that communicate with a control panel using radio signals. Wired burglar alarm While this type of alarm …

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Choose the right alarm system for your home | Fitted Home Alarms UK

Choose the right alarm system for your home blog

Studies have shown a well-fitted and maintained burglar alarm system makes you less likely to become a victim of burglary. Many home owners, like you require a home security system but don’t know where to start. The best type of alarm for your home depends on your personal preferences, budget, …

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