Key Benefits of Alarm systems


Alarm systems definitely have a place in a home security plan and are effective, if used properly. The reason why alarms systems deter burglaries is because they increase the potential and fear of being caught and arrested by the police. -Alarm systems are effective deterrents with visible signage -Alarm systems …

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Pet immune motion detectors


Phone: 0800 193 8727, 020 3137 8727 Mail: Pet immune motion detectors disregard the motion caused by animals weighing less than 80 pounds (in many instances). Most security system motion detectors use passive infrared (PIR) motion detector technology to monitor heat changes in a designated area. Visit our website …

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Golden Prevention Rules against burglary


• Don’t leave keys around your home, placing a spare key under the doormat, in a flowerpot, in your letterbox or anywhere else near the house is not a good idea. Burglars weren’t born yesterday, they know the most common places homeowners tend to leave their spare keys and they …

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Risco Agility 3

risco-agility-3 Risco Agility 3 is a 2-way wireless alarm system designed for the residential and small business that provides more than a standard home security system. Agility 3 is easy to install, can be managed remotely and gives peace of mind, and therefore provides benefits for installers, monitoring stations and …

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Types of Motion Sensors and Detectors for Home Security

motion-sensors-and-detectors-for-home-security Check out the different types of motion sensors, • Active Infrared Sensors • Passive Infrared Detectors • Active Ultrasonic Sensors • Passive Ultrasonic Detectors Ring at 0800 193 8727 , 020 3137 8727 Visit our website for more information: Follow us on : …

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Pet-friendly alarm systems

pet-friendly-alarm-systems Pet-friendly alarm systems are safe and easy to use so you don’t have to worry about unexpected false alarms while you’re away. We are happy to provide the highest-quality pet-friendly alarms at affordable prices Ring at 0800 193 8727 , 020 3137 8727 Visit our website for more information: …

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