Types of Motion Sensors and Detectors for Home Security


  www.fittedhomealarms.co.uk/ Check out the different types of motion sensors, • Active Infrared Sensors • Passive Infrared Detectors • Active Ultrasonic Sensors • Passive Ultrasonic Detectors Ring at 0800 193 8727 , 020 3137 8727 Visit our website for more information: http://www.fittedhomealarms.co.uk/ Follow us on : https://www.facebook.com/fittedhomealarmsltd https://plus.google.com/+FittedhomealarmsCoUk https://twitter.com/fittedhomealarm http://www.fittedhomealarms.co.uk/blog/ …

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Pet-friendly alarm systems


http://www.fittedhomealarms.co.uk/ Pet-friendly alarm systems are safe and easy to use so you don’t have to worry about unexpected false alarms while you’re away. We are happy to provide the highest-quality pet-friendly alarms at affordable prices Ring at 0800 193 8727 , 020 3137 8727 Visit our website for more information: …

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General Features for commpact alarm


www.fittedhomealarms.co.uk/ Here are the general features for compact alarm • 32 wireless and 1 hardwire zones • 1 onboard programmable output (PGM) • 32 User codes • One button Full, Part or Perimeter setting and unsetting • Programmable speed dial number • Accommodates 19 Keyfobs and 4 Ring at 0800 …

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Visonic PowerMax Complete Wireless Alarm PET Friendly


  www.fittedhomealarms.co.uk PowerMax Complete Features: – Versatile communications capabilities: – Built-in PSTN communicator. – Easy-to- add internal GSM/GPRS and/or IP* communications modules for maximum alarm reporting reliability to the central station and back-up for the standard PSTN lines. – Voice functionality option (at the manufacturing level): two-way voice communication, voice …

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Modern Home Security Systems


www.fittedhomealarms.co.uk Modern Home Security Systems offers state-of-the-art security for your home or office. Modern Home Systems makes monitoring your security as easy as possible. Contact us today: Fitted Home Alarms Ltd 1 Twyford Place, Lincolns Inn Office Village Lincoln Road, High Wycombe Buckinghamshire, HP12 3RE Mail: sales@fittedhomealarms.co.uk

Fully Fitted YALE 6400 Premium / Home Connect Telecommunicating Alarm


-Easy to install alarm system which holds 3 auto-dial alert telephone numbers for contacting you if the alarm is activated. -Can be set and unset by phone, allowing part arming of the system. Includes tamper warning protection. Can be expanded with up to 20 Yale devices, available separately. -Our installers …

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Fitted Home Alarms


-We are Professional Installers of Quality Home Security Systems And we offer a range of services such as installation and maintenance of Burglar Alarms, Home Security Systems, CCTVs and Safes -All our installers are CRB checked for your protectionWe work with latest infra-red,motion sensor technologiesWe provide professional and unbiased advice …

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