Maintaining your burglar alarm | Fitted Home Alarms UK

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Regular maintenance should highlight and reduce defects, give you peace of mind and give you more redress if something goes wrong – 35% of Which? members with a burglar alarm have their alarm maintained. If you get a burglar alarm maintenance contract, your alarm will be checked once a year …

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Keyfree solution for your home – Yale home alarms | Fitted Home Alarms UK

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A home alarm system can be a highly effective deterrent; 60% of burglars say they would be discouraged from targeting a house if they knew it had a home alarm. So whether you’re going away on holiday, or simply turning the lights out after a long day at work, a …

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Keep your intruder alarm properly serviced | Fitted Home Alarms UK

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It’s vital to keep your security system in good working order to reduce false alarms and to ensure that the alarm will be raised in the event of a break-in. The maintenance check includes: Testing of the control panel for communications to the monitoring centre, sirens, tampers and strobe lights …

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Secure your home with a Yale Home Alarm | Fitted Home Alarms UK

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  Homeowners are inevitably becoming more aware of the importance of home security, with a higher degree of accessibility to crime reports and statistics thanks to the rise of mobile internet and social media. Yale offers a comprehensive range of alarms to help keep you and your family safe and …

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