Yale 6400 Pet Friendly Premium Telecommunicating Burglar Alarm | Pet friendly Alarm
Yale 6400 Pet Friendly Premium Telecommunicating Burglar Alarm | Pet friendly Alarm
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Yale 6400 Pet Friendly Premium Telecommunicating Burglar Alarm | Pet friendly Alarm


Pet Friendly Yale Premium Telecommunicating Alarm is a basic keypad operated system ideal for a flat, terraced, or semi-detached and detached home. This pet friendly Yale 6400 alarm works with pets up to 26 kilograms (57 lbs) weight. This alarm will alert up to 3 phone numbers of your choice about any intruders and can be managed from your phone. An access code on the keypad can be used to enable and disable the alarm. A preset 20 second exit/ entry period will allow the entire property to be either armed or disarmed, and has a 30 metre range. Up to 20 devices can be connected to this alarm system.

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20 additional devices can be added including:
  • Standard PIR sensors
  • PET friendly PIR sensors
  • Linked smoke alarms
  • Remote Keyfobs
  • Additional door/window contacts
  • System can be expanded anytime in the future

Easy to use alarm system which holds 3 auto-dial alert telephone numbers for contacting you if the alarm is activated. Can be set and unset by phone, allowing part arming of the system. Includes tamper warning protection. Can be expanded with up to 20 Yale devices, available separately.

Our installers on arrival for installation may recommend further addition of PIRs or door contacts or other security devices to ensure all parts of your property is protected to adequate levels. However you are under no obligation to purchase them, should you not wish to do so

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Yale 6400 Pet Friendly Premium Telecommunicating Burglar Alarm | Pet friendly Alarm
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Yale 6400 Pet Friendly Premium Telecommunicating Burglar Alarm | Pet friendly Alarm
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Yale 6400 Pet Friendly Premium Telecommunicating Burglar Alarm | Pet friendly Alarm
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Yale 6400 Pet Friendly Premium Telecommunicating Burglar Alarm | Pet friendly Alarm
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How sensitive is the pet friendly sensors in Yale Premium Telecommunicating Pet friendly alarm ?

This pet friendly Yale 6400 alarm works with pets up to 26 kilograms (57 lbs) weight.

How user friendly is Yale Premium Telecommunicating Alarm ?

Yale 6400 is a very easy to use and user friendly alarm. It can be operated in the following options. 1 When the system is disarmed (alarm off), press the arm key on the Yale 6400 control unit, keypad or keyfob. 2 The control unit will start its countdown. 3 When the exit delay time is up, the control unit will sound a long beep. The siren will beep once and the strobe will flash once after the exit delay has expired. ‘Alarm on’ will be displayed on the screen and the system is now in away armed.

How long will the Yale 6400 siren sound for when the alarm is triggered ?

The Yale 6400 siren will sound when triggered for a pre-selected time of 4 or 10 minutes, chosen by you. The system will automatically be re-armed again after this time period has elapsed.

Can I use more than one external siren on Yale Premium Control-panel alarm ?

It is possible to have several sirens, yes. However, only one unit can be programmed with a siren-based alarm. Separate sirens can be purchased by calling us on 0800 193 8727 or from our installers at the time of installation and ‘dummy’ boxes are also available.

How is the Yale Premium Alarm external siren powered ?

The Yale Premium Alarm siren uses standard, non-rechargeable, D-type alkaline batteries. It is not solar powered and does not require electric supply.

How many telephone numbers can be stored on the Yale Premium alarm control panel? ?

A maximum of three contact numbers can be stored. The Yale alarm is connected to a working telephone point in your house and uses your landline to call 3 numbers of your choice, mobiles or landlines.

How and when will I need to change the batteries in the Yale siren ?

Yale siren batteries should be refreshed every 12 - 16 months. The unit will ’beep’ five times when arming the system to inform you that the battery power is too low. Please call us when this happens and we can book a service for you. Further details are to be found in the manual.

Does Yale 6400 Premium Alarm satisfy the requirements of EN50131, to Grade 2 level ?

It doesn't. If you need an alarm for insurance purposes this one's not for you. If you're not doing it for insurance then it really is excellent alarm system and well worth the money. We do have a range of alarms that comply with EN60131 standard, please get in touch and we can help you choose one.

What are the requirements for fitting Yale Premium Telecommunicating Alarm ?

Yale Premium Telecommunicating Alarm requires a telephone point for calling functionality and plug socket in the hallway for power supply for the control panel. If one of these are not available, you can place the panel in another room with telephone supply and power supply and add an additional keypad to the alarm package for a n additional fee. If the telephone point or landline is not near the location of the panel, we can also supply and run additional cables to the location of the panel at an additional fee of £25- £50, depending on the length of the cable and work involved.

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  • Cyrilgregorious

    30 May 2014

    The staff at Fitted Home Alarms were wonderful. I wanted to have an alarm system put in for a while, once I contacted Fitted Home Alarms everything worked, they were responsive, provided me with understandable and competitive pricing, educated me on different system options and their installation staff were very professional.I am one happy satisfied customer. they were on time, very professional, courteous and cleaned up so nicely after they were done…

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  • Meier22

    11 November 2015

    We moved into our new home which already had a Yale alarm fitted and we needed some help with learning how to use. Fitted Home Alarms sent an engineer to us on the same day we called them up, the engineer reset the alarm to put new codes for us, set the alarm to call us and also did a service for us. He knew the product inside out and even gave us keyfobs so that we can operate the alarm from our bed now. Excellent service and great value for money! Highly recommended!...

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  • Thefarooqs

    04 April 2013

    An excellent experience from start to end. Highly knowledgable and friendly engineers. Top of the range products. I bought the alarm forst followed by a full cctv set up. Great after care service and have already reccomended to my friends who have had the same level of service and care. Will definitely use again…

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  • Jay

    28 January 2013

    Excellent service offered by Fitted Home Alarms from start to finish. Simple and user friendly website, easy ordering system, and quick installation of the system. Use their chat to an agent facility on their website, which was very useful. Will definitely recommend them to friends and family and will continue to use them in the future.…

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  • Excellent Customer Service

    04 April 2015

    We faced some problems with the Yale alarm we tried to self install and it was constantly going off. We found Fitted Home Alarms on the internet and called them one sunday evening, and surprised that someone answered the phone. Man I spoke to on phone was very patient and extremely helpful...

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  • jamessurman123

    14 July 2016

    From initial call to discuss options to engineer visit to finalise alarm and install the system on the day, everything was done professionally and now I have an alarm fitted with 10 year warranty. Really pleased with the product and service....

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