Fully fitted CommPact wireless GSM Pet friendly alarm with FREE remote access app for £749.00 (Inc.VAT)

The CommPact is named for its streamlined, small, compact and brilliant space-saving size. This offeres a cost effective security and connectivity for any kind of property. The essential functions of one-way wireless technology avalible in the one small high powered package.

This simple wireless alarm provides an advances remote management capabilities. An ideal value for money solution, which allows users to enjoy a complete sense of control and peace of mind. Advanced features include remote access and maintenance of the CommPact via computers and smartphones, built in interface with PSTN/GSM/GPRS communication modules, configuration of SMS event notification to users and stand alone two way audio capability.

You are remotely operate the alarm, turn it on and off either using a smart phone app or using a computer / laptop with internet connection.

Package Includes

  • Control Panel
  • 1x Siren Box
  • 3x PET PIR Motion Detector
  • 1x Door Contact
  • 1x Remote Keyfob
  • 1 years onsite warranty

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20 additional devices can be added including:
  • PET friendly PIR sensors
  • Linked smoke alarms
  • Remote Keyfobs
  • Additional PIR sensors
  • Additional door/window contacts     
  • System can be expanded anytime in the future

Our installers on arrival for installation may recommend further addition of PIRs or door contacts or other security devices to ensure all parts of your property is protected to adequate levels.

Key Features :
  • Small Space saving design
  • Voice functionality option
  • Panel takes in a sim card so no landline needed
  • Can be remotely operated by Computers or Smartphone
  • Fitted with 1 years onsite warranty
Recommended for :
  • Flats
  • Terraced
  • Semi- Detached
  • Detached Homes
Requirements :
  • Power supply for control pane
  • Prepaid 3G/ GPRS mobile phone sim card with £10 credit