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Yale SmartHome Alarm GSM

Yale SmartHome Alarm GSM

The Yale SmartHome Alarm is a Great professional standard wireless security alarm.This top end security alarm works at the secure high-frequency 868Mhz wire free connectivity.The Yale Smart Home Alarm can also use MP3 sound files as a doorbell.

GSM module allows text message commands to operate the system only for use with the Yale Smart Alarm Kit. GSM based intelligent home security system refers to the use of device and information technology to control home features/systems (such as windows, doors, etc.).The automated device then makes the home intelligent and will call neighbour(s), or any other emergency line dedicated to intrusion(s) cases/attempt.

With its stylish touch-screen control panel, and user-friendly voice assist helping guide you as you use the system.Yale SmartHome Alarm is the future of alarm systems and takes home security to the next level.

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