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Visonic PowerMax Complete Pet friendly Alarm

Visonic PowerMax Complete Pet friendly Alarm

The Visonic PowerMax wireless security systems gives you, your family and business the comfort of knowing that this is one of the most advanced alarm systems can provide. This system is one of the most sophisticated systems on the market. Its ease of use is one of the systems main strengths.

This system incorporates the very best in detection technology including intruder, smoke, gas, fire, flood and pet friendly components. This wireless system will monitor your property on a continuous basis, giving you complete peace of mind when you are away from your home.

Key benefits of the Visonic Powermax system include:-

  • Easy to use – all of the sensors can be disarmed and set with just the one key fob.
  • Infinite prime systemsInstallation is simple ,because the system is wireless, there is no mess involved, installation takes around 2 hours.
  • Easy to use Monitor – this system can call up to 4 telephone numbers.   These can be either landline or mobile numbers when and if an incident occurs.  Cameras can also be provided with this system.
  • Inclusive system – the detectors are controlled by one unit, completely wirefree motion gas, smoke, panic detectors and water, you need not purchase anything further.
  • Pet friendly – This system uses patented technology and is one of the only alarm systems that will allow your animals to have free reign of the house without falsely triggering the alarm.
  • Expandable – You can choose to add a smoke or carbon monoxide detector to your wireless alarm system

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