Fitted Home Alarms UK

Fitted Home Alarms UK

Research over more than 400 burglars discovers the logical motivation behind the act of burglary. An exclusive look into the minds of burglars provides insight into intruders’ motivations and methods. These studies make us to understand about their new techniques. It really helps us to understand about the gender differences in Burglarary. When choosing a target place for burglary they have a close look on traffic, business homes, and alarm systems dogs inside. They also keep an alternate target place.83% of the burglars’ check whether there is an alarm system. Most of them discontinue the attempt if they find the presence of alarms.

More than half of the burglaries occurred in homes while 31% of them occurred in commercial spaces .Most of the burglars enters through windows or front doors. Left using the method of plucking locks or using the duplicate keys. Women preferred to burglar homes and residences during the noon time, while men focused on late evenings and business persons.

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