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Burglar Alarms

Burglar Alarms

We should consider three primary components before installing burglar alarms. These are essential to prevent a burglar from breaking into your home and stealing your valuables.

These include:

-the central control panel
-additional detection devices
-a siren or sounding device

Your central control panel is the brains of your burglar alarms as it processes essential data that is sent to it by the detection devices integrated in your system so as to make a decision what action it ought to take once the alarms are triggered. Depending on how you got programmed your system, the siren can be triggered to go off immediately or it can be placed on a time-delayed set up.
On the other hand, if your system is connected to a 24-hour monitoring service, there may be no need for a siren at all as this will not be a required component. You will be able to additionally use central control panel for equipping or disarming your burglar alarms by using the keypad or by using a remote device. You can also program it to include or leave out different zones within the home or around your property if you want.

There are hard-wired and wireless burglar alarms and the central control panel on the hard-wired systems is typically larger than those on the wireless systems. Regardless, all of these detection devices must be wired to the central control panel, hence the need for them to be larger than the control panels that are used for wireless alarms. These require minimal wiring and a smaller area to mount them in.

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