Buy Visonic Powermaster 10 Alarm | Buy Powermaster 10 wireless Alarm | Alarm System UK | Intruder Alarm
Buy Visonic Powermaster 10 Alarm | Buy Powermaster 10 wireless Alarm | Alarm System UK | Intruder Alarm
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Buy Visonic Powermaster 10 Alarm | Buy Powermaster 10 wireless Alarm | Alarm System UK | Intruder Alarm


PowerMaster-10 G2 is a compact wireless home security and safety system. Using wireless technology that is highly secure, it delivers superior range, long battery life and unmatched wireless robustness.Suitable for large residential and SOHO installations. Two-way communication eliminates lost alarms and unnecessary re-transmissions 30 wireless zones 8 user codes Supports partitions Built-in PSTN dialer Optional GSM/GPRS or IP modules Supports different languages


Telecommunicating alarm


Compact Control Panel


Remote Control Keyfob


Zone Controllable

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PowerMaster-10 G2 Features:

  • Two-way communication ensures there are no lost alarms
  • Transmission range is far greater than the industry standard enabling repeater-free installations even in large premises*
  • Extended battery life in almost all PowerG peripherals – between 4-8 years for typical use
  • All devices are configured from the panel – no hardware switches and no need to re-open the peripherals once closed
  • Visible signal quality indication shown on the device enables the installer to choose the optimal location without having to walk to the panel during mounting
  • Customized configuration templates enable configuration of the devices collectively instead of individually
  • Diagnostic tool indicates RF link quality based on the previous 24 hours’ statistics, immediately displaying problems and enabling installation verification
  • Powerful tools for central monitoring stations such as remote control of all peripherals, remote walk tests and measurements of link quality of all wireless connections in the connected premises
  • Multiple frequency channels (up to 50) using Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology overcome interference to wireless communication
  • Communication is protected by the proven AES 128 Encryption algorithm to protect against sophisticated intruders, "code grabbing" and message substitution
  • Link Message collisions are eliminated withTDMA Synchronized communication technology similar to WiMAX, GSM and Bluetooth to TDMA in the glossary
  • Devices dynamically optimize their route to the control panel using available repeaters according to changes in the environment 


*Measured line-of-site transmission range: 2000m/6500ft @ 8m/24ft, 
750m/2500ft @ 2m/6.5ft



All types of Houses, Flats and Apartments

Small,medium,large offices

Buy Visonic Powermaster 10 Alarm | Buy Powermaster 10 wireless Alarm | Alarm System UK | Intruder Alarm
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Buy Visonic Powermaster 10 Alarm | Buy Powermaster 10 wireless Alarm | Alarm System UK | Intruder Alarm
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Buy Visonic Powermaster 10 Alarm | Buy Powermaster 10 wireless Alarm | Alarm System UK | Intruder Alarm
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Buy Visonic Powermaster 10 Alarm | Buy Powermaster 10 wireless Alarm | Alarm System UK | Intruder Alarm
Start using your Alarm !
Can I use the Powermaster 10 when I go to bed at night ?

Yes you can, all our Visonic alarms are zone controllable. You can use them in the day when you go out and in the night when you sleep, where only part of the alarm will work. The idea is, you can get up and go to toilet without triggering your burglar alarm, but will go off if a burglar tries to break while you are in bed.

Will the Visonic Powermaster 10 call me when it is triggered ?

Yes it will. The Visonic Powermaster 10 alarm has a built in PSTN Dialler which uses your landline to dial upto 4 pre-programmed numbers including mobile numbers. You can also add a GSM Dialler, which allows a mobile phone card inserted to call the pre-programmed numbers of your choice.

Does the Visonic Powermaster 10 come with a Smartphone app ?

Yes. The Visonic Powermaster does have a Smartphone app, to use the mobile app you require a two way communicating alarm. All the Visonic Powermaster range alarms are two way communicating alarms. Also take a look at Risco Agility 3 range of alarms.

Can you add camera sensors to the Visonic Powermaster 10 ?

Yes, the Visonic Powermaster 10 supports an IP communicating module required for the camera feature to work. All the Visonic Powermaster range alarms support the IP communicating modules. Also take a look at Risco Agility 3 range of alarms.

How many numbers can the Visonic Powermaster 10 call when triggered ?

Up to 4 pre-programmed numbers can be called including mobile numbers.

What are the requirements for fitting the Visonic Powermaster 10 ?

Visonic Powermaster 10 burglar alarm requires a landline connection and power supply for the control panel.

Can you make the Visonic Powermaster 10 pet friendly ?

Yes, we have Pet friendly Visonic PIR Motion sensors that we would use where required. Visonic PET detectors can work with pet’s upto 35 kilograms in weight.

Is the Visonic Powermaster 10 Insurance approved ?

Visonic Burglar Alarms are British Standard alarms and comply with EN50131 standards. We are SSAIB registered and install British standard alarms to its highest configuration. A SSAIB certificate is available on request.

Does the Visonic Powermaster 10 satisfy the requirements of EN50131 to Grade 2 Level ?

Yes the Visonic Alarms are fully compliant with most international standards and regulations including FCC, CE.

How is this alarm different from the Visonic Powermax Complete Alarm ?

The Visonic Powermaster is different from the Visonic Powermax Complete as it is a two way communicating alarm allowing you to use the Mobile App features. It also has an IP module which allows the camera feature to work. The Visonic Powermaster 10 is BS8243 compliant, can log upto 1000 events and has a battery life of upto 2-3 years.

Rated 4.7 out of 5. See some of the reviews here.
  • Cyrilgregorious

    30 May 2014

    The staff at Fitted Home Alarms were wonderful. I wanted to have an alarm system put in for a while, once I contacted Fitted Home Alarms everything worked, they were responsive, provided me with understandable and competitive pricing, educated me on different system options and their installation staff were very professional.I am one happy satisfied customer. they were on time, very professional, courteous and cleaned up so nicely after they were done…

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  • Meier22

    11 November 2015

    We moved into our new home which already had a Yale alarm fitted and we needed some help with learning how to use. Fitted Home Alarms sent an engineer to us on the same day we called them up, the engineer reset the alarm to put new codes for us, set the alarm to call us and also did a service for us. He knew the product inside out and even gave us keyfobs so that we can operate the alarm from our bed now. Excellent service and great value for money! Highly recommended!...

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  • Thefarooqs

    04 April 2013

    An excellent experience from start to end. Highly knowledgable and friendly engineers. Top of the range products. I bought the alarm forst followed by a full cctv set up. Great after care service and have already reccomended to my friends who have had the same level of service and care. Will definitely use again…

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  • Jay

    28 January 2013

    Excellent service offered by Fitted Home Alarms from start to finish. Simple and user friendly website, easy ordering system, and quick installation of the system. Use their chat to an agent facility on their website, which was very useful. Will definitely recommend them to friends and family and will continue to use them in the future.…

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  • Excellent Customer Service

    04 April 2015

    We faced some problems with the Yale alarm we tried to self install and it was constantly going off. We found Fitted Home Alarms on the internet and called them one sunday evening, and surprised that someone answered the phone. Man I spoke to on phone was very patient and extremely helpful...

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  • jamessurman123

    14 July 2016

    From initial call to discuss options to engineer visit to finalise alarm and install the system on the day, everything was done professionally and now I have an alarm fitted with 10 year warranty. Really pleased with the product and service....

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