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About Manufacturer
Infinite Prime is a fully featured professional grade wireless alarm suitable for all types of domestic properties, and has telephone auto-dialler. This alarms offers remote arm/disarming using any telephone, voice indication of alarm status, full, part and perimeter arming options and more. Infinite Prime has been in the market for over 12 years and is not commonly used in new installations. However, it is still considered one of the best systems of its time, we have worked with Infinite Prime systems for over 7 years now. If you have one that needs servicing or maintenance, look no further and give us a call now.
Infinite Prime

The Infinite Prime is a basic, reliable and robust security system using one-way wireless FM technology. The system uses PSTN and GSM connectivity and is compatible with all of EL’s wireless keypads and peripherals. Supports SMS event notifications, remote programming and maintenance,  audio communication, range extension and more. 

Electronics Line (EL) is a pioneer in next-generation security solutions for the residential and small commercial markets. The Company designs and produces cutting-edge solutions for the security and control of living and working environments. The EL line provides comprehensive security protection, as well as sophisticated system and home management functionality, for optimal comfort, safety and peace of mind. This new industry standard is further upgraded with enhanced remote management capabilities that give homeowners instant access to their system from anywhere in the world.

EL solutions enable new levels of control and maintenance in protected sites through the ELAS, a proprietary remote management server. The Company enjoys a unique market position in supplying ELAS-governed systems for the home and workplace, which provide the multiple benefits of a virtual security presence, convenient home automation, and energy efficiency, all customized by the end-user and/or the service provider.
EL’s extensive product line includes both wired and wireless solutions, as well as the integration of both types into one hybrid system. EL solutions offer enhanced detection and PSTN/IP/GSM/GPRS-based event reporting, along with advanced remote management tools. The back-office support and customized branding of EL solutions provide superior security with significant business benefits and market expansion potential.
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